I left for work this morning feeling stressed and just unhappy. Work is nuts, so many things to do and fires to put out. (A day in the life of a Realtor.) I started getting even more upset thinking about all the things I need to do and how I can I find the time?? All the things I do and my clients don't know how hard I work behind the scenes. All the fires I put out on their behalf that they will never know, because that's what I get paid for. I work so you can stress about moving. (Which I know is SO stressful!!!)

I was on the phone smiling a big fake smile and taking big but quiet deeps breaths, so I wouldn't scream or break down... I then find myself pull into the parking lot by Peet's Coffee. I end my call 15 minutes later.... I come back down to reality, I'm in my car... I do a check... I'm alive, I'm healthy, I have an amazing family, an awesome boyfriend, I have a job I really do love, and  I'm sitting in front of Peet's Coffee.... I tell myself,"GET OUT OF THE CAR!" I walk into Peet's order up a Coconut Cream Decaf Latte.... I take a sip right before I get into my car. "Wow! This is good!" I climb in my car and take another sip. "Wow! Life is freakin' good!" I now take some deep breaths and start to relax. Now a  REAL smile creeps across my face. I found joy in that $4 cup of java! 

Find something every day that helps you find joy. It really is the little things in life!