How to Plan the Perfect Holiday Party

If you have not begun planning your holiday party yet, it’s possible to put together a great event in a short amount of time.

Set the mood.

Tried and true holiday decorations, such as lights, evergreen wreaths and poinsettias, are sure to get your guests in the spirit of the season. Additionally, soft lighting and familiar seasonal scents, such as vanilla, cinnamon or pine, encourage a homelike atmosphere that will put everyone at ease. Place candles or essential oils around your home, and if you have a fireplace, be sure to light it.

Plan and prepare the food and beverages.

Food is arguably the most important part of your party. If you’re hosting a large feast, do your shopping and prep work ahead of time. Any dishes that can be prepared and frozen a week or two in advance will help you save time on the day of the big event.


For smaller parties, choose an assortment of finger foods and snacks such as sandwiches, cheese and fruit plates, veggies and dip, bruschetta, etc. to limit the number of utensils your guests need.


A signature drink will make your party memorable. For adult parties, choose a festive cocktail that incorporates the flavors and colors of the season, and make a non-alcoholic version too. If children are invited, offer your own twist on favorites such as hot cocoa and cider.


*Greet every guest with a sweet treat or your party’s signature cocktail or drink.


*Place food and beverages on tables throughout the room to help ensure that everyone gets to sample the tasty dishes.